Elijah/Birmingham Festival Choral Society (5 November 2022)
"From the very start we knew we were to be treated to a performance of Elijah that brought out the drama of this great piece in a powerful way. The tone was set in the opening recitative by Byron Jackson, whose operatic performance of the title role inspired those around him to respond in a fine performance all round......."
"Set above the choir, his presence dominated the performance, as he wonderfully acted out the drama with both his rich voice and expressive actions.........."


"This was sustained through the drama of the choruses to Baal, interspersed with the mocking recitatives of Elijah, leading effectively through the dialogue of the youth and Elijah as a small cloud arises to give hope in the drought to the chorus of thanks at the end of part one, which reached a wonderful climax as eyes were raised from copies to deliver the final cry of ‘Thanks be God, he laveth the thirsty land......................"

"Throughout, the other soloists followed the lead of Byron, offering moments of reflection and inspiration in their wonderful arias........."

"This continued into the second half, with the despair of Elijah caught first by the chorus in ‘Woe to him’ and then in one of the most moving performances of Elijah’s song of despair: ‘It is enough’ that I have ever heard"

Ian Howarth, November 2022

Monterone/Rigoletto/Opera North - The Theatre Royal, Newcastle (26 March 2022)
"And the Count was played by Byron Jackson who had such a powerful voice as well as stage presence. I really had no choice but to take in all of the sounds when Byron was on stage. Even during those swells from the pit, Byron was able to sing over and remain part of the musical score, without being too shouty or over the top. For a first time opera goer, this is really impressive to see and the whole character was really well developed and clear".
Monterone/Rigoletto/Opera North - The Lowry Manchester (9 March 2022)
"In contrast Jackson gave us power and presence with aplomb, serving to demonstrate what a good catch he was".
Mark Davoren/North West End UK/March 2022
"Channelling Solomon Burke for his take on Count Monterone, Byron Jackson sets a high bar"....
Martin Thomasson/ 2022
"Byron Jackson had all the power needed for Monterone and that fateful curse, thundering from centre stage almost like the undead Commendatore in Don Giovanni".
Donner/Das Rheingold/Gafa Arts Collective/St Mary's Church Putney (30 October 2021)
"Byron Jackson, a gloriously pugnacious and permanently frustrated Donner, sang in an expansive baritone like a warm brandy."
Katie Barnes/The Wagner Society News/March 2022
Donner/Das Rheingold/Birmingham Opera Company
"There was further vocal ring from Byron Jackson’s blusterous cheerleader Donner".
David Nice/ 2021
"Amar Muchhala is a mellifluous Froh and Byron Jackson a forceful Donner",
Richard Whitehouse/ 2021 
Porgy and Bess Concert Suite/Opera Bergen, Norway
"Byron Jackson (baritone) was a scenically excellent Porgy, especially in <It ain't necessarily so> and <I got plenty of nuttin> where the voice really excelled...............The famous duet was also a beautiful experience".

"Byron Jackson (baryton) var en scenisk glimrende Porgy, særlig i <It ain’t necessarily so> og <I got plenty of nuttin> hvor stemmen virkelig fikk briljere...............Den berømte duetten ble også en vakker opplevelse."

Espen Selvik/Bergens Tidende/December 2020
Terry/Breaking the Waves/Adelaide Festival - Australia
"There are fine performances from Byron Jackson as Jan’s friend Terry and Freddie Tong as the unforgiving councilman".
Peter Wilkins/ 2020
"Even the minor roles of Byron Jackson, as Terry, Jan’s work mate; and the sailors, Francis Church and David Lynn, complete the high standard"
Fran Edwards/ 2020
"Byron Jackson gives a credible performance as one of Jan’s knock-about friends".
Kym Clayton/ 2020

"There was excellent work from those in the smaller roles, too, with Byron Jackson as Jan's friend and best man, Terry"

                                                                                                       Barry Lenny/ 2020


"The supporting male cast members also contributed much to the production. Elgan Llŷr Thomas as Doctor Richardson, Byron Jackson as Terry and Freddie Tong as the Church Council Elder all gave stellar performances".


Lisa Lanzi/ 2020 



Henry Davis/Street Scene/Opera North

"There were more fine performances from Byron Jackson’s mellow Henry"


           Melanie Eskenazi/www.musicomh/Feb 2020



"Baritone Byron Jackson, as Henry Davis the Janitor, beautifully sings the jazz and blues influenced number I Got a Marble and a Star"


Geoffrey Mogridge/Wharfdale Observer/Jan 2020


"Among any number of good cameos, two stand out: Claire Pascoe's Bronx-accented Mrs Jones, the ghetto gossip, and Byron Jackson as the janitor".


                                                                                                                         Martin Dreyer/ 2020



"Byron Jackson's gorgeous baritone voice in the poignant: I got a Marble and a Star"


Elaine Annable/Yorkshire Times/Jan 2020


"Anna Maurrant was sung by Giselle Allen who had a fabulous voice as did Byron Jackson as the janitor and was the only one whose words I managed to grasp in their entirety"

                                       Stan Graham/ 2020



Frazier/Porgy and Bess/Dutch National Opera

"The especially assembled chorus, more a set of soloists really, also took the smaller roles. They were all taken beyond reproach such as Byron Jackson as Frazier".........

                                                                                                    Jenny Camilleri/ 2019


Boaz/Ruth/Pegasus Opera Company

"....there are involving, large-scale performances from Alison Buchanan as Ruth and Byron Jackson as Boaz.........".


                                                                                                            Yehuda Shapiro/The Stage, Mar 2018


"Although Ruth is primarily a tribute to the fortitude of women, we should not overlook the role of Boaz and the opportunity it offers to showcase Byron Jackson’s robust and elegant baritone".


Jenny Shramenko/, March 2018

The Leader & John/Lost in the Stars/Highbury Opera Theatre
“Smith – a kindly, sympathetic baritone – acquits himself well as Kumalo, as does Byron Jackson – a devastatingly forceful baritone – as leader of the chorus.”

Fergus Morgan /, Oct 2016 

Arise & Honour - Service of Remembrance/Holy Trinity Church, Birmingham
"Byron Jackson had a standing ovation for his beautiful delivery of three spirituals: Steal Away, Take My Hand Precious Lord, and Down by the Riverside"
Poppy Brady/The Voice, Oct 2015
Midsummer Musical Fantasy Opera Gala Concert
"The one item that came alive with the electricity and passion of what opera should be about was your Amonasro/Aida duet.  This was not only very well sung, but your engagement with the characters was totally convincing and very moving, as it should be.  This is one of the greatest Verdi father/daughter pieces of music, and you both 'raised your game' inspired by it and thus inspired me..."
Jeremy Patterson, June 2015
Eustachio/L'assedio di Calais/Lighthouse Arts Centre, Poole/English Touring Opera
...........while I happened be in Poole to see ETO's La Boheme and L'assedio di Calais, I saw your Eustachio and thought you sang it really well...."
                                                                                                Siri Fischer Hansen from the Royal Opera House, 2015


Mussorgsky/Songs and Dances of Death/Birmingham Opera Company
"Byron Jackson braved the cold and windy weather of Birmingham to perform in the new amphitheatre in front of the newly-opened Library of Birmingham. The critically-acclaimed baritone performed from Mussorgsky's 'Songs and Dances of Death'. His vocal performance was matched by his charismatic acting prowess and facial expressions. He held the audience captive with his magnetic performance of Russian arias which celebrated love in the face of death."

 Rangzeb Hussain, Sept 2013

Zmora/Maria/Wexford Festival Opera
"Byron Jackson made a fine impression as Zmora"

James Sohre/Opera Today, Nov 2011

Ben/The Telephone/Wexford Festival Opera
"Byron Jackson gibt den Ben mit kräftigem Bariton und komödiantischem Spiel"
(Byron Jackson sings Ben with a strong baritone voice and comedic acting)

Thomas Molke/Online Musik Magazin, Nov 2011

Leporello/Don Giovanni/Longborough Festival Opera
"The star of the show was undoubtedly Byron Jackson, a Leporello who for once genuinely seemed to be in danger of dying from laughter when he went about the Don's deceits."

Adrian Mourby/Opera Now, Nov/Dec 2010

"Of the men, Byron Jackson's Leporello stood out: he has stage presence as well as heaps of personality and some very seductive tone."

Rian Evans/Opera, August 2010

Stanford/Requiem/Birmingham Choral Union
"Byron Jackson was stunning bringing this haunting, sometimes glorious operatic music to life."

Francesca Treadaway/Birmingham Post and Mail, April 2010

Montano/Otello/Birmingham Opera Company
"Byron Jackson as Montano offers spirited support..."

Anna Picard/The Independent, December 2009

Bach/St John Passion/Orchestra of St John
"Providing excellent vocal contrast to the Evangelist was Byron Jackson's commanding Christ..."

Giles Woodforde/The Oxford Times, March 2008

Leporello/Don Giovanni/Operaanywhere
"As always, Byron Jackson as Leporello with a particularly classy performance."

Nicola Lisle/The Oxford Times, August 2006

Father/Hansel and Gretel/Operamus
".....Byron Jackson is attractively feckless, with something good in his instinctive charisma."

Christopher Morley/Opera, June 2006

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